Introducing Privacy Butler

Many people like you and I feel that we are unable to cope with all the various privacy notices we have to deal with on a daily basis. Our data is important to us, and indeed defines our online identity.

Your Privacy Butler will help you to understand any privacy notices. Simply tell Privacy Butler which data processing is a “no go” for you. It converts the privacy notice into icons that show you immediately whether your desired data protection standard is met or not.

Exquisite Reports

We provide you with clearly readable results that use a visual language to indicate details of the privacy policy in a way you will understand.

Intelligent Advice

Based on machine learning algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence, (almost*) any online privacy policy can be understood and explained by our solution.

Browser Extension

Coming soon, a browser extension to help you make the decision before you share sensitive information with a service whose conditions you do not agree with.



Your location will be used by the provider for advertisements.

"You are on holiday in Zurich and are receiving advertising for the Zurich Youth Hostel..."

Third parties

Your data will be passed on or shared with third parties.

"Zurich Youth Hostel passes on your data to Switzerland Tourism"


Analysis of your data used to target interests or predict behaviour.

"Zurich Youth Hostel knows that you drink coffee for breakfast and suggests a paid excursion to Kaffee Sprüngli".

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